How are you finding spiritually open people?

We equip teams serving among the unreached to find spiritual seekers online and connect them to disciple makers face to face. Let’s start a conversation about coaching.

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What God has done

Expanded a movement

God expanded an existing movement into 30+ new locations which each saw 3 generations of growth.

1,100 baptisms

God started a new initiative that resulted in 1,100 baptisms in one country in the last two and a half years.

Coached 80 teams

God equipped disciple making teams serving among the remaining unreached people groups around the world.


A mentored coaching process created for your team

Black man in nice suit standing on street corner looking at his phone.

Step one: Lay the foundation

Communicate your mission, identify team roles, grow prayer, prepare a budget and create branding.

Step two: Set up technology

Prepare social media account(s) and system to track discipleship growth.

Step three: Train team for their roles

Equip members in their unique roles including marketing, online filtering with seekers and building a network of in-person disciple makers.

Step four: Launch first advertisement

Begin running ads, receiving messages and meeting potential people of peace in-person.

Coaching in progress - two Southeast Asian women reviewing coaching material on paper and a computer screen.

Benefits of Coaching

Receive invitations to unreached places

People of peace in unreached areas can respond to your media, chat with you online and welcome you to meet their community in-person.

Spend more time with people interested in Jesus

It’s not easy to find people that want to follow Jesus. But one movement found 30% of people they met through media became disciples.

Learn from others’ experience

Hear security, marketing and discipleship methods used by other movements of God.

Unite with teams in your region

Join a Regional Hub to learn what’s working in your region. Pray and plan together how to reach new people and places.

What are others like you saying about coaching?

“Media to Movements is one of the most exciting and promising breakthroughs in the ongoing evolution of Church Planting Movements. I love what these brothers and sisters are doing to penetrate concentrations of lostness and find where the Holy Spirit is at work.”

David Garrison

Global Gates

“Media to Movements is leading the way in how to use social media tools to do evangelism, disciple, start groups/churches and ultimately launch movements among the least reached. Any agency wanting to stay cutting edge would be wise to learn from what they have been doing, partner with this team, and find ways to implement these strategies in their own contexts.”

C. Anderson



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