We offer two types of personalized coaching options:
Pre-Launch Coaching
and Post-Launch Coaching.

Pre-Launch Coaching

Are you interested in integrating a contextualized digital media strategy into your disciple-making efforts? Our team of experienced coaches will journey with you from start to launch.

Lay the Foundation
Setup Online Presence
Strategize & Train for MTM Roles
LAUNCH: Publish 1st Ad Journey and Launch MTM Initiative

Post-Launch Coaching

Are you a team who has already begun running ads? Do you already have the key elements of a launched MTM initiative? Once a team has launched, they will be assigned to a coach who will evaluate their MTM efforts and walk with them as they grow towards a sustained, fruitful initiative that sees reproducing disciples.

Learn more about post-launch coaching.

*See FAQs below for qualification requirements

Characteristics of a Launched Media to Movements Initiative

A core team (2+) with a vision and mission for multiplying disciples
Digital conversations with seekers to filter for spiritual openness
Activating a plan to catalyze prayer
A follow-up system to organize and manage seekers
Contextualized branded website and/or social media platform
Disciple-makers ready to meet seekers offline

Coaching FAQs

Your situation is unique and so is your people group. Developing a media to movement strategy to accelerate your church planting efforts takes time, dedication and direction from the Holy Spirit. Our team of specialized coaches will help you apply and adapt best practices and join you in discerning the Father’s leading towards launching your initiative.

I’ve had some training, do I need coaching?

According to the 2020 Global Survey Report, 66% of those who took some form of digital media training took it to increase effectiveness, yet many never launch. Those who do launch and are seeing fruit, share two common variables: they were cross-trained and coached.

What are the qualifications for coaching?
  • Only accepting teams with an audience focus of unreached people groups or any people group in Europe.
  • You will need at least two members of your core team committed from start to launch. 
  • A time commitment of 5-10 hours/week toward MTM-focused work throughout the coaching process.
  • Internet speed to participate in video calls
  • Has a clear Kingdom multiplication strategy (disciples/churches) that could integrate the use of media to identify and engage spiritual seekers who accelerate a movement of reproducing disciples or churches.
  • English Language Proficiency. Option 1) The participating core team has enough English proficiency to handle complex topics. Option 2) There are two people willing to receive the training with the coach and re-package and teach it to a non English speaking team. Option 3) There is at least one person willing to translate throughout the coaching call but expect a slower coaching and implementation process.
What does Pre-Launch Coaching practically look like?

A qualified core team will be assigned to a coach who will guide, train, resource, and equip your team with all the components needed to launch an MTM initiative

Types of Meetings:

  • Coaching Calls: At least eleven training Zoom calls with coach (1.5-2 hours each)
  • Implementation Team Calls: A separate team only discussion or collaborative work call following each eleven coaching calls (1-2 hours each)


  • Most teams opt in for weekly coaching calls thus leading to a minimum of twelve weeks from the first kick-off call to launching your MTM initiative.
  • Usually teams need more time due to a variety of reasons (i.e. varied skills sets, in-country dynamics, etc)

Time Commitment: 

  • Expect to devote a minimum of 5-10 hours weekly toward MTM implementation work through the coaching process. After launch, time commitment will be dependent on role responsibilities.

Coaching Call Format

  • Review completed work from last coaching call
  • Discuss new training topic
  • Look ahead at preparation needs for next coaching call
Will I have the same coach throughout the implementation process?

You will have the same lead Pre-Launch coach with you from beginning to launch. Usually there will be a secondary coach who is in training or training the lead coach. Sometimes there will be a need for a substitute coach if a lead coach is unable to join due to personal or travel needs. You will also engage with other specialized coaches at different points in the coaching process. After launching, you will be transitioned to a Post-Launch coach. Check out Meet the Team to see our various roles.

How long will it take to launch?

It's up to you. If you choose to go at the maximum pave of one call per week for 12 weeks, that is three months from start to launch. If you perfer to do two calls per week, that's six weeks. Or maybe you prefer a week intensive? It's really up to you and your team's bandwidth and schedules.

What’s required before moving on to the next coaching call topic?

Your core team and those with specific roles are expected to complete all of the assigned actions steps outlined in the previous coaching call. At the start of each new coaching call, a new Trello list will be added to your board to prepare for the training topic. These will have new action steps. The Visionary Leader or a different identified Project Manager will oversee your team’s completion of tasks in preparation for the next call. Of course, there is great flexibility and grace if your team needs more time or additional training. Staying in communication with your coach is key to matching your pacing and capacity.

What are the desired outcomes of coaching?
  • Equipped and resourced with all the necessary tools to launch your MTM initiative.
  • Networked to a growing community of MTM practitioners notably in your region of focus.
  • Join the Father in identifying and engaging spiritually open people resulting in the acceleration of disciple making in your area.
How much does coaching cost?

There is no cost to receive Pre-Launch coaching or Post-Launch coaching. Depending on your team’s skill set, we may recommend services from trusted partners that are fee based such as website development/hosting and ongoing ads creation/management. These are not required but are offered as an option if your team prefers to outsource.

How do I know which type of coaching is right for me?

Please help me evaluate the best coaching pathway for my context.

*See FAQs below for qualification requirements