Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have some questions. We’ve done our best to anticipate what you might be asking. But in case we haven’t, please reach out to us directly.

How much does it cost to do advertising each month?

To begin with, we suggest $400 monthly toward ad spend to build a quality audience and learn from the insights it produces. Your bigger expenses will not only include ads, but also website hosting, content software and services and possibly paid personnel. We have created a budget template to help you identify other areas that you may need to account for. We encourage teams to start simple and obtainable, then scale as your initiative develops. Reach out to us if you'd like to see our budget template.

Can I add MTM to what I’m already doing?

All of our ministry activities take time which is a limited resource. The results of your MTM efforts usually correlate to the time and energy spent implementing it. You could add to what you are currently doing, but it will divide your time and energy even further. A better question might be, “Are my current activities producing disciples who make disciples? If not, what do I need to stop doing in order to start doing something that will produce different results?” In several testimonies from MTM practitioners they spent years making friends with locals and found no one interested. After launching a MTM strategy they had more contacts who were spiritually hungry in a month than they had years before. If you believe that MTM could positively impact your ministry goals, we highly recommend that you consider letting it reshape your team’s central ministry activities.

Story of a team who pivoted their strategy: 

How much time does MTM take?

The answer to this question mainly lies in the scale of the initiative and the size of the team. Some factors would include: motivation, technology aptitude, skill sets of the team, learning new skills, and the demand of seeker interest. Some roles may have more time required of them than others. The more time a team can invest into the MTM strategy, the faster it will progress.

Who do I need with me to get started?

We have found that a team approach has the most probability of success. Research shows that the most effective teams using an MTM strategy have at least two or more dedicated teammates. These members are often from different organizations and/or are local believers on the core team. “Team” takes on a new collaborative construction in an MTM strategy. There are suggested roles for getting started, but these roles do not equate people but responsibilities. The same person may take on more than one role.

Will I need to be stuck behind a computer all the time to do this?

No, not all roles in a MTM initiative are tech-dependent. Other roles like being a Prayer Catalyzer, a Multiplier, or Coalition Developer are more dependent on the spiritual gifts of shepherding and evangelism. However, Ezra 7:10 says, “For Ezra had devoted himself to the study and observance of the Law of the Lord, and to teaching its decrees and laws in Israel.” Study, practice, and teach (delegate). Therefore, some may need to devote time to learn new tech skills, practice them, make mistakes, continue learning and pass on what you are learning to others.

Do I have to be a “DMMer” to use the MTM approach?

The simple answer is no. You can use the same approach to augment various church planting approaches. But as a tool, MTM is “tuned” to identify persons of peace who will be the anchor to the church planting movement in the sense of rapidly reproducing house churches. Hence, by nature, MTM practices go hand in hand with DMM practices of developing leaders who develop leaders. But we want to affirm our coworkers who use a different method for church planting.

Do I need to be tech savvy to do MTM?

The short answer is no. It helps to be tech oriented but most teams who applied a MTM strategy had no background in technology, marketing, social media, nor media in general. They learned along the way or linked up with near-field MTM colleagues, experts and/or resources where they learned. But it does come down to willingness and intentionality to learn. 

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Are there security risks?

Yes, there are security risks. But there are by far more stories where teams have been leveraging an MTM strategy for years without incident. Security protocols, risk management, and prayer for God’s protection are important components. We like the advice from Dr. Ralph Winter: “Risk is not to be evaluated in terms of the probability of success but by the value of the goal.” As you assess your field’s risks, be mindful of the greatest risk: an entire generation not having access to the Gospel.

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Where are the MTM initiatives located globally?

Media to Movements (MTM) initiatives are spanning the globe but are primarily concentrated in the 10/40 window, the area of the world where ⅔ of the remaining least reached peoples live. According to the recent Global Survey Report, 73 MTM initiatives have been officially counted and represent nearly 50 unique locations. See a heat map below.