Organization Leader
Organization Leader

You lead a church planting organization

People in your organization regard you as an influencer and decision maker. You know that empowering people with the most effective tools is key to seeing God’s kingdom expand.

You may be familiar with some of these challenges.

Attrition. A lack of fruitfulness is one of the major reasons field workers leave the field. A media strategy can give early wins while learning the ropes of cross-cultural church planting.
Reporting. Integrated reporting within a media ministry provides organizations with informative data reflecting the health and fruitfulness of a ministry.
Strategic Mobilizing. Knowing where God is working gives leaders direction as to where to send workers. Media strategies can give windsock observations on where the Spirit is working.
Importance. I know media is important to reach this generation with the gospel but I’m not sure where to begin, who to connect with or how to build awareness.
Security. The last thing I want to do is put our members at risk. I’ve heard using media strategies can be dangerous and I’m not sure I’m willing to go there.
Proven Effectiveness. Strategically leveraging media in church planting is still new. Is it really effective? I don’t want to champion a specific strategy if it’s not.

Do any of these issues ring a bell? We’ve been there too. But fear not—we have several resources that can help you better empower the people in your organization.


Interview with Global Gates and Team Expansion on how leveraging digital media has influenced their organizations' gospel reach.


Interview with YWAM-Frontier Missions on why their organization is creating awareness and providing MTM training to their members.


Interview with Frontiers and Pioneers on the importance of mobilizing for, training in and resourcing towards MTM initiatives.

Other leaders like you are changing the culture of their organizations

“Media to Movements is one of the most exciting and promising breakthroughs in the ongoing evolution of Church Planting Movements. I love what these brothers and sisters are doing to penetrate concentrations of lostness and find where the Holy Spirit is at work.”

David Garrison
Global Gates

"We are constantly challenged to rethink and re-imagine the Great Commission in response to our changing world. Using a media to movements strategy has been a game-changer in the Arab world."

Mark Cassidy
Arab World Media

“Team Expansion believes that, more than any other approach currently being deployed throughout the entire globe, Media to Movement (MTM) strategies can broaden the ‘funnel’ and enlarge the net for capturing seekers. It appears God Himself had been waiting for us to discover this simple insight – because He wanted to lead millions to make Jesus their Lord.”

Doug Lucas
Team Expansion

"As missionary agencies wanting to see an exponential impact, we must learn, grow and experiment with new methods.  Innovation is vital.  Media to Movements is leading the way in how to use social media tools to do evangelism, disciple, start groups/churches and ultimately launch movements among the least reached.  Any agency wanting to stay cutting edge would be wise to learn from what they have been doing, partner with this team, and find ways to implement these strategies in their own contexts.”

C. Anderson

Still have questions?

If you are unsure where you are in the process of discovering and implementing Media to Movements as a tool for ministry, then we’d love to help! Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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