Media to movements practitioner

You've already launched an MTM strategy.

You know the benefits of using media but there is always room to grow. You are looking for ways to enhance your current efforts and share what you’ve learned with others.

Do these challenges resonate with you?

Filtering. Finding spiritually-open people is hard. I keep attracting a different crowd. What do I need to change?
Networking. I’d like to know what is and isn’t working among similar people groups where I serve.
Advanced Help. We could benefit from specialized digital marketing and tech consultants.
Multiplication. We are not yet seeing reproduction among those who have become disciples.
Online Responders. Our online responder is gold. How can we continue to equip and multiply his/her efforts?
Content. We’ve exhausted our quality content and need new inspiration and new resources.

Have you encountered these issues? We have too and so have others just like you! We’d love to meet you and join you in this journey of making disciples who make disciples in your context. Whether you're interested in linking arms with others in your region or want to tackle one of these challenges together, we look forward to connecting!

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What other MTM practitioners are saying

“We've been able to share the good news with many more people than we could have without using social media. We have been able to distribute the word of God in electronic format to far more people than we could have with a hard copy Bibles. We have met with and discipled thirsty people that were found through online efforts that we we hadn't previously met doing just face to face sowing.”

MTM Practitioner
Middle East

“As a result of faithful sharing on-the-ground coupled with employing media to cast a wider net and identify seekers in key areas, we have seen more movement toward healthy, reproducing churches among dispersed Middle Eastern and North African peoples in the last two years than we had seen in the previous six years”

MTM Practiitoner
European Diaspora

“By going from a broad-reaching strategy with a media team outside the region to a focused strategy with a media team in the region, we started getting more seekers in one week than we did in one year with the old strategy.”

MTM Practitioner
European Diaspora